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Welcome to the Launching of Black On Black Love!

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

As the creator of this brand, I am absolutely ecstatic to allow the world to finally be part of this platform. The love I have for those within my community and the passion to see us absolutely thrive is overwhelming. I created Black on Black love to not only promote a new set of words that can be spoken more and more within our day-to-day lives but also to showcase those who are working every day within our communities. We celebrate black individuals and organizations who are building a new generation of empires - Kings and Queens who are not only wealthy within but also creating a world of wealth for the generations who follow.

Coming Soon!

I ask that anyone with stories that show black people loving black people, wether it be your personal businesses, programs, school projects, sports teams, mentors, careers, love stories, churches, prisons, or more.... please reach out so that we can start to fill our platforms with these beautiful images and testimonies.

Never forget...Black Love is Black Wealth.

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