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The Brand

Meet the Creator


My name is CorrieAnne and I am the creator of Black on Black Love. Ever since I was young, I have had a passion to reach the masses, and be within the communities that often times feel unheard or forgotten. The drive to change the world has only grown the more people I meet and the more stories I hear. I have been involved in presentations that were broadcast across the radio and on the front page of news papers discussing the issues I personally faced in my community. Being a black female in a world that is far from understanding the complexity of our communities, and our beauty as a culture has inspired me to create a brand that promotes what the world is missing. 


 Black on Black Love the brand is about changing the perceptions and conversations. Often times the media wants to talk about "black on black crime" or the struggles within our neighborhoods. This brand is about focusing on black businesses, black education, black families, black charities, black relationships, black success, black excellences, and so many more ways black people are showing love within their own communities. I want to change the narrative to the incredible good that is happening within our communities, homes, careers, and education. Anyone can wear the shirt and start a conversation when questions get asked about its meaning. It creates a platform for us to tell them our stories. Educate them about our love and lives. 

We come from Kings and Queens. Teach the History. Show the Progress. Praise the Excellence. Create Generational Wealth. Promote Our Businesses. Love the Culture. Build Together. 

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