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  • How long should I expect shipping to take?
    Please allow for 7-21 days for the production and shipping process. Our products come from mulitple manufacturers and we must allow for them to do their part of the process before we can deliver your product. During the times of the COVID-19 Pandemic shipping times may be delayed. Once the item is shipped we will provide you with tracking number, allowing you to follow your order. For more questions concerning shipping you can visit the shipping and refund policy page.
  • Where do I go to inquire about a Refund?
    If your product that you recieve is unsatisfactory based on a mistake made on our production end do not hesitate to reach out to our managment team at For more information on the requirements and critera that needs to be met for a refund or replacement product visit our shipping and refund policy page.
  • Why are my items shipping seperate?
    Due to having different manufatures, items are coming from different places across the nation and will come in seperate packaging if you ordered more than one product. Each item will have a tracking number and should arrive close to the same dates.
  • Do we ship internationally?
    Yes, At this point in time we serve a worldwide customer base. Some extra fees and longer shipping may be applied based upon where the product is being sent.
  • Can I cancel or change my order?
    We begin processing orders as soon as they are placed, for this reason we are unable to cancel or make changes to orders.
  • Am I currently able to buy these items in a store?
    No, we currently do not offer any of our items within stores and only through online platforms.
    Our business only has one official email at and official instagram, facebook, and twitter accounts. All of these platfroms link here to the main website and any other account is not associated with us. Any messages coming from other accounts that are not offically associated with us should be considered a scam and please notify our team if you receive any of these types of messages.
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